Support AV Stream on FreeBSD

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Thu Sep 25 14:26:05 UTC 2008

Alex Keda wrote:
> the problem
> currently the FreeBSD dosn't support common AVstream interface (audio 
> / video)
> as simular vl4 for linux
> may be someone to write such interface driver? under FreeBSD license
> Also, it will be necessary to write patches for mplayer and vlc, that 
> these programs can use this interfaces.

v4l support is not part of mainline FreeBSD, various drivers ship their 
own, please see ports/multimedia/pwcbsd, ports/devel/linux-kmod-compat, 
ports/multimedia/linux-gspca-kmod etc.

Also see here for an app which runs on FreeBSD and uses v4l 1.x to do so:

There are a number of criticisms and issues of v4l 2, however, the level 
of work involved is such that IMHO it is either going to take highly 
motivated individuals with lots of free time, or a compelling business 
case, for this support to appear in FreeBSD.


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