Problem telneting to a new -current

Claude Buisson clbuisson at
Wed Sep 24 00:28:06 UTC 2008

Claude Buisson wrote:
> Ed Schouten wrote:
>> Hello Claude,
>> Sorry for letting you wait this long. I was in a rush this afternoon, so
>> I couldn't fix it for you right away.
> No problem, ssh worked fine..
>> It turns out there was a small inconsistency between the old and the new
>> pseudo-terminal driver, which caused telnetd to exit prematurely. The
>> new pts(4) driver did not track any state on if it had been used
>> already. This meant that when select() in telnetd would be called right
>> before the child processes had opened the TTY device node, it would just
>> assume that the session was already finished.
>> I've committed a fix to SVN (183308), which should removes this
>> inconsistency. I assumed it wouldn't be a very important problem,
>> because most of the PTY consumers already use the openpty() routine,
>> which already opens the TTY device node unconditionally. It turns out
>> some things went bad after all. Could you try updating to the latest
>> sources to see if the problem is solved now?
>> I've also spotted another `bug' in telnetd. If I log in to telnetd, I
>> see the following message appear in dmesg:
>>     pid 2362 (telnetd) is using legacy pty devices
>> This means telnetd has its own PTY allocation routines, instead of using
>> posix_openpt(2) or openpty(3). I've attached a patch that converts
>> telnetd to openpty(3). I'll see if I can get this patch or something
>> similar integrated.
> Yes, I got this same message
>> Thanks for reporting the issue!
> cvsup done, will try the new source and the telnetd patch, and report as
> soon as possible.

New system built and installed: everything seems OK now !!

No premature exit from telnetd
No "legacy pty" message


Claude Buisson

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