AMD Family 10h cpufreq driver

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Tue Sep 23 13:36:04 UTC 2008

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 08:45:59AM +0900, G. Otsuji wrote:
> Hi,
> I foget to say that debug.cpufreq.lowest=1200 in 
> /boot/loader.conf and running powerd is my stable state.

I didn't test your patch yet, but this is the lowest freq I can
use on my
  AMD Phenom(tm) 9350e Quad-Core Processor (2000.08-MHz K8-class CPU)
  FreeBSD 7.1-PRE as of Sept 5.  (/i386 *and* /amd64)

If I go below that, the system freezes hard, and I have to power cycle
the motherboard to recover. But, again, this is without your patch.
I look forward to test it as soon as I can. :)


> Sincerely,
> G. Otsuji<annona2 at>

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