AMD Family 10h cpufreq driver bsd at
Tue Sep 23 08:04:38 UTC 2008

G .Otsuji wrote:
> Hi Veronica,
> I 've tested in amd64 environment. But ...
> Here's a temprorary patch,

Hey, funny i tried the exact same thing ;-)
Only with string 9350 instead of 9350e, i guess both should work.
Now when loading cpufreq.ko driver, i get 4 lines of Cool'N'Quiet 2.0. I
can change the dev.cpu.0.freq sysctl variable and that appears to work. =)
when loading powerd, however, it does not change the frequency when
there is 100% load on one core (so total idle cpu time is 75% since i
have a quadcore). Manually changing the frequency works though, very cool!

Here are some idle power measurements i took:

cpu: Phenom 9350e quadcore 4x 2.0GHz (energy efficient 65W version, not
black edition)
mem: 1GB DDR2/666 CL5 (1 DIMM)
mobo: Asus M3N72-D Socket AM2+ with nVidia 750a SLI chipset.
hdd: 2,5" 40GB Hitachi notebook HDD on Parallel ATA (udma33)
power supply: Huntkey Greenstar 400W
measurement: average real power drain at wall socket, tested with
Voltcraft Energycheck 3000

@2000: 88.4W
@1200: 75.0W
@1000: 68.5W
@800: 65.0
@600: 60.7W
@400: 58.0W

So in total i shave off 30.4W when idling using cool'n'quiet!! This is
very very cool. =)
Another power supply (Amacrox 400W Passive) gets some 3-6W lower scores.

The only thing missing now is auto-adapting of the frequency by powerd.
I do see powerd active in top, but it appears not to change the
frequency. Anything i can do to fix that? Aside from that issue, i would
say your driver works for me. Congratulations!


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