assertion failed in libc/stdlib/malloc.c

Jille Timmermans jille at
Mon Sep 22 16:49:18 UTC 2008

Hmm, I am pretty sure my first code wasn't writing out of bounds (having
map[20][40]) and while trimming the code I found out it also crashed
with 'all' other sizes, and I left it on [1][1]. Unfortunately, I don't
have the original (full) crashing code.

I'm sorry to waste your time.

-- Jille

Dimitry Andric schreef:
> Jille Timmermans wrote:
>> I ran into an assertion failure in malloc.c
> It looks a lot like you're going way out of bounds in your map[][]
> array.  It is declared 1 by 1, but you're writing at least 36 items in
> there, overwriting who-knows-what else...  In this case malloc-internal
> data. :)
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