New snd_hda driver came in.

Alex Keda admin at
Wed Sep 17 13:09:50 UTC 2008

Alexander Motin пишет:
> Alex Keda wrote:
>>> You can specify
>>> hint.hdac.0.cad3.nid22.config="as=1"
>>> hint.hdac.0.cad3.nid27.config="as=2"
>>> in your loader.conf to reconfigure codec in a more usual way to make
>>> speaker and headphones jack a first association and line-out - second.
>>> That combination should work fine I think.
>>> If it will - tell me your system model to add permanent quirk to the
>>> driver.
>> Thanks! It work!
>> By default - sound from speaker, if I plug headphones - speaker is off,
>> and sound from phones.
>> ==============
>> about my box.
>> It brand HP computer - "HP xw4550 Workstation"
>> Motherboard contain only "HP" logo and "Model FMB 0703"
>> It's all...
> Desktop with speaker, it's unusual. Is it's speaker worth to play sound
> over it or it is not able to play well anything except BEEP..BEEP..? Do
> you think that my codec setup is good in it's case?
No. All Hewlett Packard desktop, as I know (I use 4-5 models with 
different motherboards and CPU - Intel, AMD, P-III, P-IV, Opteron...), 
contain internal speaker, with play sound, and "beep" on boot (some old 
models contain another speaker for boot messages, but new - only one).
HP - very out of the ordinary box...

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