cpio reporting too many 'blocks'

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 3 13:14:45 UTC 2008

In a CURRENT snapshot built at:
FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT #0: Mon Sep  1 03:13:59 EEST 2008

bsdcpio is reporting _very_ large block counts:

  keramida at kobe:/ws/bsd/doc$ find * | cpio -p -dmu /hg/doc/bsd-import
  757935406 blocks
  keramida at kobe:/ws/bsd/doc$ du -sh .
   24M    .
  keramida at kobe:/ws/bsd/doc$ env | fgrep BLOCK

I haven't tried building cpio from earlier versions yet, because an
mpsafetty test patch is building as I type this.  The last few commits
seem related though:

  r182151 | kientzle | 2008-08-25 09:39:29 +0300 (Mon, 25 Aug 2008) | 6 lines

  MfP4: Verify correct interaction with umask:  Add another
  file with different permissions and set a non-zero umask
  during the actual copy tests.  The extra entry increases
  the size of the test archives of course, so adjust the
  expected sizes.

  r182102 | kientzle | 2008-08-24 09:21:00 +0300 (Sun, 24 Aug 2008) | 5 lines

  Update the total archive byte counters when writing entries to disk using
  Update cpio to use this to emit block counts in -p mode.
  Update cpio tests to verify these block counts.

Is anyone else seeing similar/bogus cpio block counts?

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