Multiple routing table support commited

NAKAJI Hiroyuki nakaji at
Tue Sep 2 15:03:00 UTC 2008

Thanks for your great work.

Do you have a plan to MFC this feature to RELENG_6?
Or is it better to upgrade my RELENG6 box to RELENG_7?

My ISP allows 5 PPPoE sessions but it always returns only one IP address
as HISADDR. I hope this FIB feature will help my multi PPPoE sessions.

I tried "setfib -1 ppp anothersession" on my RELENG_7 box, which

Warning: iface add: ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR, -> File exists

Maybe I misunderstand the usage.

>>>>> In <4824F1B4.6010302 at> 
>>>>>	Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:
> I have committed the base of teh Multi-routing-table support.
> I am current;y waiting for it to loop back to me before a final
> make universe test, but I think it should be ok.
> if you do nothing you should not see any difference.
NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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