k8temp choose the higher temp of the two sensors on one core

army.of.root at googlemail.com army.of.root at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 1 01:37:44 UTC 2008


I noticed that not the highest of the two temp values of one core is used:

dev.cpu.0.temperature: 46
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 46 <==
dev.k8temp.0.%desc: AMD K8 Thermal Sensors
dev.k8temp.0.%driver: k8temp
dev.k8temp.0.%parent: hostb3
dev.k8temp.0.sensor0.core0: 46
dev.k8temp.0.sensor0.core1: 49 <==
dev.k8temp.0.sensor1.core0: 46
dev.k8temp.0.sensor1.core1: 46

I assume the dev.cpu.1.temperature sysctl comes from the k8temp module, 
because it only shows up if it is loaded.

Thanks for the great module !

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