Questions on how to use the Head files Pyun YongHyeon has created for re driver

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Mon Sep 1 05:41:16 UTC 2008

Just to answer the basic question of how to apply a patch take a quick 
glance at the patch to determine:

1. Does it make sense to install it
2. Determine from what dir you need to install it from (the filenames 
will give a good clue)

Then to apply it cd to that dir and do:

    patch -p < [file]            where [file] is the filename of the 
patch (don't forget to reference its patch if needed also)

If the patch is for something in /usr/src or /usr/src/sys use the normal 
methods of rebuilding world or the kernel.

Disclaimer: c(v)sup will ignore the fact you patched a file and will 
overwrite it.   You have two options at this point:

1. Repatch after csup is done [often hard to tell if you need to]
2. Use some variant of the method in development(8) to create your own 
local cvs repo of the source tree then update the actual /usr/src with 
cvs not c(v)sup because it understands how to preserve your changes 
while adding new content to the file

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