Questions on how to use the Head files Pyun YongHyeon has created for re driver

Tony Sim y2s1982 at
Mon Sep 1 03:26:29 UTC 2008

Hi.  I've recently purchased a laptop that, by the looks of windows drivers
that came with it, was made by Realtek.  I THINK it might be 8168c, but
regardless, freebsd 7-rel failed to detect it.

I've tried to use ndisgen to get a .ko module, but it only
 half-worked; now freebsd detects the card as a realtek 8168/8111 and can be
found on ifconfig, but it's status is not UP nor DOWN.  When I tried to
change the status to UP, the entire system crashed.

I've also tried downloading the driver from realtek homepage, but it won't
compile (and does not have a folder with .ko file, as the Readme.txt claims)

A google search got me to an archived post:

and from the looks of it, he has created more patches since the posting:

except me being a newbie, I can't figure out what to do with this file.  The
responses from the testers were quite favorable, so I'm very excited about
the find.  Can someone help me figure out what i'm supposed to do here?  I'm
guessing these are patches, but patches to which files?  and how do i apply

thank you very much for reading so far.

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