October Monthly Snapshots...

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Wed Oct 15 15:07:29 UTC 2008

Just letting you know about a change to the Monthly Snapshots.
Beginning this month there are DVD images for amd64 and i386.  We still
don't include packages with them, but the DVD image includes everything
on one disc (contents of disc1, docs, and livefs CDROMs).

If you try it and have problems with it I'd like to know what the
problems were.

I just loaded the amd64/i386 images on ftp-master now so it will take a
little while for them to propagate out to the mirror sites.  As usual
you can find the Monthly Snapshots in:


(or a mirror site) with the sub-directories being the year/month code.

                                                Ken Smith
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