Openat() and fexecve() committed

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Mon Mar 31 08:57:50 PDT 2008

In article <20080331153006.GK21209 at>,
kostikbel at writes:

>This is a notice for the list that the implementation of the openat(2)
>and accompanied syscalls, among them fexecve(2), as specified in The
>Open Group document titled "Extended API Set Part 2", is committed today
>into the HEAD. Besides (now) FreeBSD, the functionality is implemented
>on Linux, and I believe that it originated on Solaris.

Please note that the exact requirements for these functions have been
altered somewhat in the Austin Group, so additional work is likely to
be required for POSIX.1-2008 compliance.

>gives the error EACCESS on both Linux and FreeBSD, and succeeds on Solaris.
>The Solaris behaviour seems to be specified in the document cited above.
>There are arguments in support of the both observed behaviour.

I believe this is one of the issues which was addressed in the
standardization process.


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