FreeBSD Failures on Pentium E2180 with nForce nf-610i Chipset mb Asustek P5N-MX

Julian Elischer julian at
Sun Mar 30 12:42:52 PDT 2008

Victor M. Blood wrote:
> On 30.03.2008, Thierry Herbelot wrote:
>> Le Sunday 30 March 2008, Victor M. Blood a ecrit :
>>> Yes, but previous log it's all that I received from com-console before
>>> system going down.
>>> Now I try to adding
>>> hw.physmem="1G" to /boot/defaults/loader.conf
>>> and boot with -ghvs
>>> System boot up! :)
>>> New question: How I can to force system work with 2 Gb of memory, or I
>>> do not understand corectly man page loader (8) and it's restrictions
>>> only then system is bootup and 2Gb of memory will be accesable after
>>> load?
>> Hello,
>> good news if the machine starts correctly !
>> the next step is finding the conditions when the machine does not start, and
>> get a verbose log.
> Problem with 2Gb of memory? WinXP startup and work correct. Without
> hw.physmem="1G" kernel don't start and no any log can be made.

It might be a bios problem..
The Bios might be reporting memory in a way that gives us indigestion.

what if you set the memory by hand to the amount that is there.. (try 
2047 MB for example).

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