FreeBSD Failures on Pentium E2180 with nForce nf-610i Chipset mb Asustek P5N-MX

Victor M. Blood freebsd at
Sun Mar 30 11:35:17 PDT 2008

On 30.03.2008, Thierry Herbelot wrote:
> Le Sunday 30 March 2008, Victor M. Blood a ecrit :
>> Hi, All.
>> Can't boot on my new machine:
>> Processor: Pentium C2D E2180
>> MB: P5N-MX ASUStek, chip nForce nf-610i
>> mem installed: 2Gb
>> I try to boot from live cd's: 8.0-20080328-SNAP, 6.0-RELEASE,
>> 7.0-BETA2 - all this distributives can't boot.
>> here log of boot-strap
> [SNIP]

> Hello,

> could you try booting in verbose mode ?

Yes, but previous log it's all that I received from com-console before
system going down.

Now I try to adding
hw.physmem="1G" to /boot/defaults/loader.conf
and boot with -ghvs

System boot up! :)

New question: How I can to force system work with 2 Gb of memory, or I
do not understand corectly man page loader (8) and it's restrictions
only then system is bootup and 2Gb of memory will be accesable after

    hw.physmem    Limit the amount of physical memory the system will use.
                   By default the size is in bytes, but the k, K, m, M, g and
                   G suffixes are also accepted and indicate kilobytes,
                   megabytes and gigabytes respectively.  An invalid suffix
                   will result in the variable being ignored by the kernel.

new verbose log here:

real memory  = 1073741824 (1024 MB)
now it's my real memory, how to work with 2Gb?

PS: sorry for my english.
With all regards, Victor M. Blood.   mailto: freebsd at
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