hdaps (accelerator) driver for thinkpads

Tobias Kirschstein lev at nupfel.de
Fri Mar 28 15:52:35 PDT 2008

hi maik,

> your are the first one who tried this driver except me. So thanks for 
> testing.

sure! im really interested in getting this thing working :)

> I only got my T42 for testing so here are some hints what could be
> the cause of the crash:
> - dual processor system
> - 64bit

i think this is the problem, your driver seems to work for i386 only,
but at the moment i'm not experienced enough to be able to fix this and
maybe there is some more work to do to get it running under amd64. so i
would really appreciate it if you or someone else could help me here :)

> - SMBIOS/DMI Hack withing thinkpad_ec.c
> I can't test this because the lacking hardware.
> This was/is my first driver i programmed/ported, maybe someone with
> more experience could have a look at the code.

i can test it for you and hopefully i will be able to post some
backtraces and debug info if i have set up some solution to my core
dumping problem under zfs root.

> Do you get any messages before it crashes?

surely will follow soon i hope, but this weekend i won't have any time

> Sorry i can't help you more. I could do some test on the weekend with
> 8.0 Current.

that would be great, thx!


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