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Wed Mar 26 23:55:05 PDT 2008

Hi Kurt Jaeger! 

On Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:25:56 +0100; Kurt Jaeger wrote about 'Re: unionfs status':

>>> If you're using unionfs 
>>> to take a template system and "broadcast it" to many jails, you probably don't 
>>> want all the jails talking to the same syslogd, you want them each talking to 
>>> their own.  When syslogd in a jail finds a disconnected socket, which is 
>>> effectively what a NULL v_socket pointer means, in /var/run/log, it should be 
>>> unlinking it and creating a new socket, not reusing the existing file on disk.

>> This code's use in jails is primarily intended for mysql (and the like
>> daemons), not syslogd (for which you said it right). Such daemons really
>> require broadcasting, yep - so unionfs should support it...

> Thanks for this description. So we basically have two different
> uses for UNIX sockets in unionfs with jails ?

> 1) socket in jail to communicate only inside one jail (syslog-case)
> 2) socket in jail as a means of IPC between different jails (mysql-case)

> Is 2) really supposed to work like this ?

This is user's/admin's point of view, that it should work this way: one mysql
with one socket for several jails. I don't know all gory details about how code
really works.

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