unionfs status

Alexander V. Chernikov melifaro at ipfw.ru
Tue Mar 25 11:47:45 PDT 2008

Hello people!

At this moment unionfs has got at least following problems:
1) File systems cannot mount onto upper/lower unionfs layer (partially 
described in kern/117829)
2) There are problems with multithreaded programs accessing(writing) 
files on unionfs (kern/109950)
3) As well there are problems with accessing unix sockets created on 
upper/lower unionfs layers (kern/118346)
4) Doing mv filename same-filename causes kernel to panic on 6.X (and 
printing warning about VOP_RENAME in 7+)
5) Making 'loops' when mounting unionfs causes kernel panic (kern/121385)

I have made patches solving first 4 problems
These patches are available at http://ipfw.ru/patches/
unionfs2.diff fixes fs mounting onto upper layer, unionfs_lmount.diff 
fixes lower
unionfs_threads.diff and unionfs_unix.diff fixes cases 2) and 3)
unionfs_rename.diff fixes case with renaming

Can anybody comment/review ?

Alexander V. Chernikov

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