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Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Mar 18 08:17:25 PDT 2008

eculp <eculp at> wrote:
 > Hans Lambermont wrote:
 > > I've used Dru's nice blog at
 > >
 > > (slightly adapted, using mdconfig -d -u /dev/md0) to create my own
 > > bootable dvd (of disc[1-3].iso and docs.iso) in only a few minutes time.
 > I'm somewhat confused as to what the DVD should include and in what  
 > order.  When I make  a release and include docs which I normally  
 > don't, I end up with 5 cdrom images that I can't directly relate to  
 > Dru's article.  The rest seems to be straight forward.
 > I see that the snapshots are the same:
 > 8.0-CURRENT-200803-i386-bootonly.iso    ISO     36320 KB        03/12/08
 > 8.0-CURRENT-200803-i386-disc1.iso       ISO     408378 KB       03/12/08
 > 8.0-CURRENT-200803-i386-disc2.iso       ISO     364 KB  03/12/08
 > 8.0-CURRENT-200803-i386-docs.iso        ISO     252906 KB       03/12/08
 > 8.0-CURRENT-200803-i386-livefs.iso      ISO     223078 KB       03/12/08
 > My question is which of these would be recommended to include in the  
 > DVD and in what order?  Dru doesn't mention the livefs or bootonly and  
 > has a disc3.

The snapshots don't contain the full set of packages, so
there is no disc3 (and disc2 is almost empty).

The "bootonly" disc isn't required at all, it contains
only sysinstall, but nothing else.  It's for people who
only need something to boot, but without actual install
data.  You don't need it to build the DVD.  (All of this
is explained in the README on the FTP servers.)

If you want to include the livefs, just copy it into
the directory from which you create the DVD ISO image.
You don't have to do anything special.

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