Seeing lock order reversal

pluknet pluknet at
Mon Mar 17 20:00:02 PDT 2008

On 18/03/2008, Alex Goncharov <alex-goncharov at> wrote:
> [ Sorry if this is old news or not useful ]
>  I am trying to source-upgrade one of my 7.0 systems to 8.0-CURRENT.
>  In the following, when I say "build", it means "csup and build right
>  away".
>  The very first 8.0 build (this morning) gave me the kernel that didn't
>  boot.  Built it again, finishing about 15 minutes ago.  This one
>  booted all right but I see this in `/var/log/messages':
[there was stripped LORs]

It's due to recent WITNESS lockmgr support that unhides existing LORs.

Thought taking that into account I could obtain a new one yesterday. I
didn't see this before.

Mar 17 03:17:14 pl sudo:  pluknet : TTY=ttyv1 ; PWD=/usr/home/pluknet
; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/libexec/getty 3wire.9600 ttyd0
Mar 17 03:17:14 pl kernel: lock order reversal:
Mar 17 03:17:14 pl kernel: 1st 0xc07e9274 proctree (proctree) @
Mar 17 03:17:14 pl kernel: 2nd 0xc2fc49e8 devfs (devfs) @


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