HEADS UP: zerocopy bpf commits impending

Christian S.J. Peron csjp at FreeBSD.org
Mon Mar 17 06:49:25 PDT 2008


Just wanted to give a heads up that I plan to start merging the work
located in the zerocopy bpf perforce branch.  We have been working
on this project for about a year now and feel that it is ready to
come into the tree.

I will begin to merge hopefully today [assuming nobody has any
concerns] or tommorow.  Zerocopy bpf will be disabled by default,
and can be enabled globally though the use of a sysctl variable.
Once the kernel bits are in and we sort out a couple minor nits
in libpcap+tcpdump, we will be be looking at getting our libpcap
patches committed upstream.  I will post a patch for people to
experiment with in the meantime after the kernel commits are complete.

We do not anticipate this will have any effect on existing bpf 
consumers like libpcap, tcpdump etc... so if something breaks, it
shouldn't have and we need to know about :) We were pretty careful
about preserving the ABI. The only exception to this is, netstat will
need a recompile because the size of it's bpf stats structure changed.

So if there are any objections or concerns, now is the time to
raise them.


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