Another Lock Order Reversal -- sysctl?

Brad Pitney pitney.brad at
Sun Mar 16 23:17:08 PDT 2008


this one is different, I also had debugging on and I got more details (I hope)
lock order reversal:
 1st 0xc474281c process slock (process slock) @
 2nd 0xc07bf5d0 scrlock (scrlock) @ /usr/src/sys/dev/syscons/syscons.c:2526
KDB: stack backtrace:
at db_trace_self_wrapper+0x26
kdb_backtrace(c0748ee1,c07bf5d0,c073a70f,c073a70f,c073a69b,...) at
witness_checkorder(c07bf5d0,9,c073a69b,9de,c07bf5d0,...) at
_mtx_lock_spin_flags(c07bf5d0,0,c073a69b,9de,c07bf4c0,...) at
sc_puts(c07bf4c0,e6fdd447,1,6380c3a0,c077c9e0,...) at sc_puts+0x7e
sc_cnputc(c077c9e0,63,e6fdd5fc,1,a,...) at sc_cnputc+0xc3
cnputc(63,0,c074b14e,28e,e6fdd6fc,...) at cnputc+0x5f
cnputs(e6fdd5fc,e6fdd6fc,e6fdd4bc,c05696f1,a,...) at cnputs+0x58
putcons(a,0,1fdd593,c4742a2c,c07439b3,...) at putcons+0x67
putchar(a,e6fdd6fc,0,6,c4742a2c,...) at putchar+0x61
kvprintf(c074396a,c0569690,e6fdd6fc,a,e6fdd744,...) at kvprintf+0x75
printf(c074396a,1ef,0,1b6,0,...) at printf+0x6c
calcru1(e6fdda30,4,c0743806,345,c07432db,2c6) at calcru1+0x25e
calcru(c4742804,e6fdda28,e6fdda30,2c6,c4864aa8,...) at calcru+0x12d
fill_kinfo_proc_only(c4742894,4,c07432db,38a,0,...) at
sysctl_out_proc(c4a35420,c4742804,c07432db,401,0,...) at sysctl_out_proc+0x68
sysctl_kern_proc(c07863e0,0,0,e6fddba8,e6fddba8,...) at sysctl_kern_proc+0x4fd
sysctl_root(e6fddba8,0,c0744bd6,574,c4a35420,...) at sysctl_root+0x137
userland_sysctl(c4a35420,e6fddc18,3,0,bfbfe744,...) at userland_sysctl+0x115
__sysctl(c4a35420,e6fddcfc,18,c0749bc1,c07807d0,...) at __sysctl+0xbc
syscall(e6fddd38) at syscall+0x253
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x20
--- syscall (202, FreeBSD ELF32, __sysctl), eip = 0x281bc823, esp =
0xbfbfe66c, ebp = 0xbfbfe698 ---
KDB: enter: witness_checkorder

db> show pcpu
cpuid         = 0
curthread     = 0xc4a35420: pid 5757 "top"
curpcb        = 0xe6fddd90
fpcurthread   = 0xc4a35420: pid 5757 "top"
idlethread    = 0xc43e3c60: pid 10 "idle"
APIC ID       = 0
currentldt    = 0x50
spin locks held:
exclusive spin mutex process slock r = 0 (0xc474281c) locked @

db> show alllocks
Process 5757 (top) thread 0xc4a35420 (100074)
exclusive sleep mutex process lock r = 0 (0xc4742894) locked @
shared sx allproc r = 0 (0xc07c16fc) locked @ /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_proc.c:238
exclusive sx sysctl lock r = 0 (0xc07c1bf4) locked @
exclusive sleep mutex Giant r = 0 (0xc07c11f0) locked @
exclusive spin mutex process slock r = 0 (0xc474281c) locked @
exclusive sx so_rcv_sx r = 0 (0xc4b2ab60) locked @

the actual top command was: top -SCats1

Best regards,

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