Compiling 6.3->7: lapic frequency madness

Igor Mozolevsky igor at
Sat Mar 15 19:47:34 PDT 2008

so I've been trying to figure out (on my T43p) why my lapic frequency
is being ~3x the difference between Release-7 CD and RELENG_7 cvs... I
get, after verbose booting:

lapic: Divisor 2, Frequency 66504853 hz

with the ISO image; and

lapic: Divisor 2, Frequency 188430051 hz

consistently +/- small % variation...

I'm compiling w/ GENERIC w/o CFLAGS/COPTFLAGS, etc... The response is
sluggish as a result of that, and perl fails timing tests... I've run
out of things to experiment with; has anything changed in the kernel
wrt lapic? If not, HELP!

Igor :-)

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