Clearing the direction flag before calling a signal handler

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sat Mar 15 10:50:07 PDT 2008


I found an exchange concerning a difficult to debug problem that may be 
affecting FreeBSD. I wasn't sure whether to post here or just file a bug, but 
under the circumstances I opted for the former. Apologies if it is considered 

I was reading the exchange here:

Referencing the following patch to Linux;

The exchange in the Debian bug tracker indicates kfreebsd 6/7 has the same 
problem as Linux. Being a kernel issue, that indicates vanilla FreeBSD may 
likely be affected.

I neither have the setup nor the knowledge to effectively evaluate this 
myself, but felt that it was obscure/diagnostically difficult enough that i 
wanted to bring it to somebody's attention.

/ Peter Schuller

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