HEADSUP: KSE support removed from the kernel.

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Wed Mar 12 10:37:52 PDT 2008

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Quoting Jeff Roberson <jroberson at chesapeake.net> (from Wed, 12 Mar 2008 
> 00:27:55 -1000 (HST)):
>> CURRENT is no longer going to support KSE threaded applications.  As
>> mentioned in UPDATING the following libmap.conf should work along with
>> compat libs for old dynamically linked libraries:
> Do we need an entry in the jail man page? So far we where proud to say 
> that we can put any userland from a FreeBSD release (before or including 
> the release of the FreeBSD which is running) into a jail and it worked.
> I haven't looked into the changes, but if it is not the case, what about 
> adding a fake syscall which prints what's going on (either a description 
> like in your HEADSUP, or a pointer to docs) and returns ENOSYS?
> Bye,
> Alexander.

yes we need to put an entry somewhere.
this has broken several build systems I know of..
though they are not yet running on -current so will have a lot of 

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