latest rc.subr breaks etc/rc.d/sendmail

Gregory Shapiro gshapiro at
Mon Mar 10 20:23:49 PDT 2008

> Agreed.  We should probably consult gshapiro about this, and just do it
> if there's no objection.  AFAIK, /etc/rc.d/sendmail is also used to
> start alternative MTAs, so we can commit this patch for now, and think
> about splitting /etc/rc.d/sendmail to something like:
>    src/etc/rc.d/sendmail
>    src/etc/rc.d/sendmail-submit
>    src/etc/rc.d/sendmail-outbound
>    src/etc/rc.d/sendmail-msp-queue

I'd be cool with this and more than happy to provide code review.
The four scripts would all need the same sort of logic to disable
conflicting options (e.g., don't start a submit agent if a full MTA is

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