RELEASE discs & ISO images (for future)

Oliver Fromme olli at
Sun Mar 9 09:43:32 PDT 2008

Vadim Goncharov wrote:
 > 7.0-RELEASE images came out with FIVE disks - disc 1 to 3 and separate LiveFS
 > and docs. What do they contain?

 - The small "bootonly" CD contains only sysinstall. 
   It can be used if you want to install from the network.

 - Disk 1 contains everything you need to install the base
   FreeBSD system, as well as a few useful packages.

 - Disk 2 and 3 just contain more packages.

 - The "docs" CD only contains documentation:  Handbook,
   FAQ and articles in various languages.  These are also
   available online, so there's rarely a need to download
   this CD.

 - The "livefs" CD contains the usual "fixit" live file
   system.  It is bootable on its own, so you do _not_ need
   to download disk1 if you only want the livefs CD.

By the way, you can combine disk1 and the livefs image into
a single ISO image and write it onto a DVD-R.  It won't fit
on a CD-R disk, though, and that's the reason why the
lifefs went onto a separate ISO image.

 > I suspect this separation is due to sizes od docs etc. - but CD drives can now
 > handle even 700 MBs of data, and disc1 for i386 occupies only 509M, though
 > disc2 is 694M, yes.

As you can see, disk1 + livefs is larger than 700 MB.
The docs CD is separate anyway, which is a good thing
because many people won't need it.

 > May be it is desirable to compress docs and other base system parts with
 > bzip2 -9 instead of gzip?

What exactly would you propose to compress?  Compressing
the docs isn't a good idea, because then you wouldn't be
able to read them directly from the CD.  Also, as mentioned
above, the docs are already on a separate CD.

 > P.S. And may be it is good also to resurrect miniinst disk for
 > Depenguinator project? :)

Do you mean the "bootonly" CD?  It's already there.

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