FreeBSD 7.0 Beta, RC, RELEASE (amd64) freezes with dummynet enabled

JoaoBR joao at
Fri Mar 7 05:20:21 PST 2008

On Friday 07 March 2008 08:34:27 matthew wrote:
> I am bringing back to live this thread, please help me to resolve this
> bug, some clue, where to look, i think this is a critical bug which
> prevents to use 7.X on routers used for shaping.
> I have disabled polling but still, the box freezes after some minutes
> under heavy traffic ~150-200Mbit/s.
> I have tested the for network performance pool with iperf with load
> ~150Mbit/s with 10 paralels streams, but the box didn`t freeze.
> The box is an fileserver, so maybe acces to disk operations may be a clue.
> I will also try it with ULE insteat of ULE, but i think in the past with
> BETA2 i had the ULE schneduler.

I t seems I found a pattern on my machine

the problem happens only with dynamic pipes using the 
... mask src-ip|dst-ip 0xffffffff

using individual pipes and bw definitions for each appearently the problem 
does not appear (here)

I have not your traffic but here it freezes after a couple of hours or so

this morning I needed to open the firewall and did it issuing ipfw add 1 pass 
ip from any to any and the server freezed imediately

I could repeat it, opening the fw after some pipes are counting and the 
machine freeze the same moment

so far I didn't get the freeze with individual pipes

I got one panic which pointed to pmap (curr proc cc anothertime syncer, I was 
compiling the kernel) what is strange also, because almost ever compiling 
something as kernel or world triggers the freeze but only when dynamic pipes 
are underway and more strange only with SATA disks not on SCSI, without 
dynamic pipes I can stress the disk as much as I want and it runs stable

If i restart the firewall by flushing all rules first I can compile without 

I am sure this is no hardware thing because I changed it completly several 

I am with latest sources and kernel/world from this night



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