re(4) problem

Daniel Gerzo danger at
Fri Mar 7 00:05:17 PST 2008

Hello Pyun,

Friday, March 7, 2008, 5:38:15 AM, you wrote:

> Checking Linux/NetBSD sources show interesting code which explictly
> enables IP checksum offload whenever TCP/UDP checksum offload is
> required(That's not documented in datasheet). I tried it on my box
> it seems to work but I need more feedback before committing it.
> Attached patch includes that change.

> Your report also indicates another possible bug but it's not clear
> to me. ENOBUFS from ping may indicate that re(4) got lost ink or
> re(4) thinks it lost the established link. When it happens did you
> ever check the output of ifconfig to see the media status of re(4)?

as I have included in my report, that media status reports that it's

> I guess your issue is not related with bus_dma fixes but improper
> handling of link state. Try attached patch and let me know how it
> goes.

I have recompiled my kernel with the attached patch and I will report
if it's of any help.
BTW, it applied cleanly, but with some offsets, hope it's not problem.

Best regards,
 Daniel                            mailto:danger at

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