how to design a tablet driver?

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Thu Mar 6 11:27:03 PST 2008

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Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> From: "Daniel O'Connor" <doconnor at>
>>> Please, if you have any comment, feel free to interrupt all over me,
>>> sir! The sooner I get some of this, the sooner that really cheap
>>> (~$60) 8"X6" tablet is ours, especially for Gimp.
>> Wow, pretty nice :)
>> I might see if I can grab one..
> $49.99 at ThinkGeek. or
> They are both ThinkGeek, but you might already be set up to order
> through Amazon. I' prefer ordering through ThinkGeek, since I see no
> reason for Amazon to get a cut. (If you own Amazon stock, your opinion
> may differ.)

OK, I already have my unit, and I'm not interested in that part today, but
if you happen to hear (and I'm going to looking very hard) for an Xinput
module for a tablet, one that's absolute input (instead of a moouse which
is relative, and useless for me) let me know, I want to see what they want
for intput, and what form they want it in.


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