IPSEC/crypto is broken in FreeBSD/powerpc 7.0-RELEASE!

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 4 17:01:56 PST 2008

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> In message: <57AF36D8-0F83-4DF8-BEAA-CF3B59EAA361 at rabson.org>
>             Doug Rabson <dfr at rabson.org> writes:
> : 
> : On 4 Mar 2008, at 15:36, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : 
> : > In message: <9299FBBE-F58A-4107-991D-1C851EB8802C at rabson.org>
> : >            Doug Rabson <dfr at rabson.org> writes:
> : > : I can't see the code which adds this device on a first look. Can you
> : > : tell me the filename and I'll take a quick look at it.
> : >
> : > The problem actually turns out to be in how the powerpc nexus does
> : > things.  It does them in a very un-nexus-like way.  The nexus attached
> : > drivers ask for hardware details, which isn't done elsewhere.  This
> : > means when you mix and match the ones that expect to be explicitly set
> : > and the ones that don't that you run into trouble.
> : >
> : > This needs to be reworked.
> : 
> : Perhaps the crypto stuff should add itself to root0 instead of nexus.
> I think that would cause other problems...

OK, since nobody seems to be interested enough to fix the issue in 
question I have spent some time to dig out what's going on. Disclaimer: 
it's my first serious encounter with newbus, so that I might be wrong 

Apparently the issue in hand is caused by superposition of three facts:

1. The nexus/powerpc code creates bunch of children devices using 
information from the OF in the probe routine (should be probably attach 
routine), with NULL devclass.

2. The opencrypto creates fake "cryptosoft" device and adds it as a 
child to the newbus. It doesn't provide any actual probe code in the 
driver to check that the offered device is in fact one that has been 
created earlier.

3. The newbus code for some not very clear to me reason offers devices 
in the NULL devclass to every driver registered in the system.

As a result of (1), (2) and (3) as well as current phase of the moon, 
the bunch of OF-devices created in (1) are offered to the "cryptosoft" 
driver before powerpc drivers and since there is no probe routine the 
"cryptosoft" driver attaches to all of them.

This could be fixed by either altering probe in the "cryptosoft" to 
check that the device offered is in fact one that has been created 
earlier, or changing nexus/powerpc code to assign non-NULL devclass to 
child devices that it has generated from OF to match devclass of the 
relevant drivers (pcib, unin are the most important ones). The following 
patch uses the second approach. It would be nice if somebody with more 
newbus clue can review/comment. The patch also moves relevant code from 
nexus_probe() into nexus_attach().



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