Hard disk not detected during install

Raphael Salas raphael_salas at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 3 22:12:32 UTC 2008

> CC: freebsd-current at freebsd.org> From: yanefbsd at gmail.com> To: raphael_salas at hotmail.com> Subject: Re: Hard disk not detected during install> Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 15:13:14 -0800> > On Mar 2, 2008, at 2:43 PM, Raphael Salas wrote:> > >> > Hi,> >> > I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7479, and want to run > > FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE on it. However, during partitioning, my hard > > disk (SATA) is not found, even with ACPI disabled and during safe > > mode. pciconfig -lv says the ATA controller's vendor is ATI. > > Additionally, my BIOS doesn't provide any options regarding hard > > disk, therefore, I cannot switch it to IDE mode.> >> > Can I do anything about it?> > Have you tried installing 6.3 yet? I'm asking because it may be some > breakage between 6.x and 7.x.> Cheers,> -Garrett
Tried 6.3-RELEASE, didn't work.
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