public p4 mirror (was: Re: warning of pending commit attempt.)

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sun Mar 2 11:15:50 UTC 2008

> been there, Ive converted FreeBSD CVS to svn, git and hg... i guess i could
> try a p4 run to git and hg....

FWIW, I've been maintaining a hg mirror of pkgsrc for a while. Unfortunately 
mismatches have crept in over time between the version in hg and the upstream 
repository, and I do see warnings about untracked files in the conversion 

I am not sure whether this is due to an outright problem with cvs20hg (which 
was never claimed by the author to be perfect), or something environmental. 
Either way I have not investigated.

The question is whether there exists a trustworthy p4->{git,hg,mtn,whatever} 
conversion path. The best way to find out is probably to try it out, 
preferably on the real repository.

In terms of my offer host, the problem with hg is that the hg CGI script is 
not scalable (separate huge python process for each concurrent client, and 
significant resources requires for each synch, increasing the potential for 
concurrency). My impression is that git should be hugely more scalable in 
this regard, so was hoping for reliable p4->git in particular for this 

/ Peter Schuller

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