public p4 mirror (was: Re: warning of pending commit attempt.)

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sun Mar 2 09:15:40 UTC 2008

> > Some time ago there was cvsup-/csup-accessible 'clone' of p4 vimage
> > branch. It stopped working at some stage and now I have no idea on its
> > state. If it could be put into working state again, testing would be
> > much easier than today,at least for me :)
> devel/git has a git-p4 command for interfacing with perforce; anyone
> with p4 access could clone the repository and make it available with
> just a webserver.  Maybe easier to do than sorting out a functioning
> bridge with cvsup again.

is git-p4 mirroring stable and scalable such that it can be reasonable used on 
the FreeBSD repositories? I have had bad luck in the past trying to maintain 
monotone/darcs/mercurial mirrors. I can't easily test git-p4 since I don't 
have p4 access (to FreeBSD nor any other large project).

In any case: If there is a usable method of keeping a distributed SCM 
up-to-date with what's in p4, then I would like to donate some 
bandwidth/resources needed to run it (if that is the problem). If git-p4 
works well and there is any possibility of getting a read-only p4 account, 
I'll set up a git mirror, if that helps.

I am of the opinion that the availability of development features in some kind 
of scm that is publicly available makes it a lot easier to test things in 
response to general requests made on -current.

In addition, having that publicly available scm be distributed means that it 
becomes significantly easier for people to experiment with making their own 
changes to the code base, which can only be good.

/ Peter Schuller

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