URGENT: Need help rebuilding iir RAID5 array with failed drive

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Sun Jun 29 11:24:16 UTC 2008

Am 29.06.2008 um 05:11 schrieb Garrett Cooper:

> Just as you predicted, the disk(s) are unreadable still, even after
> the rebuild (and I hope to hell that it didn't destroy/disturb any
> data on the surviving members).
> I may just have to get it sent off for recovery (after I dd the
> remaining members because there's still some usable data there --
> bloody 2.7TB ... grr) -- apart from that I don't think I have a
> choice.

<tongue in cheek>
If the data was worth so much that it values recovery....
</tongue in cheek>

> Oh, where's this "document" of which you speak all the time? I don't
> see anything about parity support not being available in either the
> geom or iir manpage, or the iir sourcecode. If someone needs a helping
> hand inserting that logic into the kernel, I'll gladly assist so
> others don't follow my footsteps and fsck up their data.

On our HP DL320G5s, FreeBSD7 didn't even detect the MatrixRAID array  
Even the Windoze-guys tell us that they don't trust it.

So we settled for RAID1 via gmirror.

MatrixRAID is a scam, if you ask me - like all the other BIOS-RAIDs  
we have had the displeasure to see over the years.
I really thought it was common knowledge.  But now that you mention  
it, I can't find a reference to this in the FreeBSD docs (at least  
not with a quick look).
The handbook-example uses RAID1, though.

Rainer Duffner
rainer at ultra-secure.de

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