Attansic L2 driver test request

Stanislav Sedov stas at
Fri Jun 27 12:31:16 UTC 2008

Hi, current users!

For last weeks I was working on implementing an Attansic L2
driver for FreeBSD that can be found on some of Asus motherboards
and Asus EeePC. I'm not sure if discrete adapters are available.

For the moment, I've implemented all the basic stuff, and the
drivers seems to perform stable enough.

There're still a lot of things to be polished out (e.g. hardware
vlan processing isn't implemeted at all, same for WoL, a lot of
optimisations are possible), but I'd like to ask all owners
of that hardware to perform a basic testing of hardware, if they like.
That will allow me to fix possible stupid bugs and hardware
incompatiblities as soon as possible. I especiall interested in tests
on non-eeepc hardware, non-PC platforms (if there're any with this kind of chip) and amd64 PCs.

The latest version of driver is available at
It can be compiled and loaded as a module on -CURRENT, and,
probably, 7.x.


Stanislav Sedov
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