iwn Driver for intel 4965 WLAN adapter

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Wed Jun 25 06:44:13 UTC 2008

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Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
| james toy wrote:
|> fellow daring -CURRENT members,
|>     Firstly we aren't so daring -CURRENT has been perfect for me for
|> around
|> 1 year -- in any event i'm struggling with my intel 4965 and was
|> wondering
|> if i might be able to brainstorm with a few of you -- firstly i have an
|> ibm(lenovo-ack) x61 tablet -- i initially loaded the standard module
|> if_iwn
|> -- and immediatley noted the dmesg cry for help saying to enable the
|> legal.intel_iwn.license_ack=1 in /boot/loader.conf -- once having done
|> that
|> i rebooted my machine so that iwnfw (firmware) could be loaded -- once
|> this
|> was loaded i was under the impression that i would be scott free and go
|> about my "ifconfig iwn0 up scan" or "ifconfig iwn0 up ssid crazylegs" and
|> then dhclient from there.
|> negative -- [ifconfig iwn0 up scan] returns : "ifconfig: unable to get
|> scan
|> results" and [ifconfig iwn0 ssid crazylegs] returns : "ifconfig:
|> SIOCS80211:
|> Invalid argument"
|> i'm completely confused and have done a fair bit of googling on this --
|> nothing really comes up too definitively -- i've also built this directly
|> into the kernel as well -- both the module and the built in versions
|> of this
|> driver return the exact same thing for me -- any ideas ladies and gents?
|> respectfully
|> -jt
| I was hit with the same thing.  In current CURRENT, you have to create
| these wlan devices.  One way is to put lines something like this into
| rc.conf:
| wlans_iwn0="wlan0"
| ifconfig_wlan0="ssid crazylegs DHCP"
| To be honest, I am still at a loss as to how I managed to figure this
| out - I guess I got luckier with the googles.  "man ifconfig" helps, but
| you have to read the right parts.  "vi /etc/default/rc.conf" also
| provided some clues.

The entry 20080420 in /usr/src/UPDATING does its job as well :)

| Stephen
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