Subversion documentation for the FreeBSD project?

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at
Tue Jun 3 21:40:47 UTC 2008

Brooks Davis wrote:
>>> Please realize that a LOT of work was involved in making this switch
>>> (none of which was done by me... ahem).  So we don't mean to dismiss
>>> your request or your interest, but we're just not ready with all the
>>> answers that you would like to see.
>> No problem, I'm not in a hurry and applaud the effort in general. I'm
>> only curious why the "switch" (test?) was/is done in "secret" and no
>> HEADSUP has been sent so far (or did I miss it?)
> Primairly because there is no need for one.  The $FreeBSD$ values will
> change (IIRC), but otherwise nothing users need to deal with will
> change.  There is a new interface for developers and users will surly
> take advantage of it eventually, but for now there are kinks to be
> worked out so encouraging wider use wouldn't be productive until we're
> certain things are working.

I disagree with the "no need for one" part. The FreeBSD is very publicly 
visible project, so that any such "underground activity" may give food 
for various FUDs, as users see some changes bit don't know how to 
interpret them and what to expect. I think the good way to address this 
is to put small press release on the website, which basically says "we 
are in the process of moving from cvs to the svn, but all public 
services should continue working as expected, so that please stay calm. 
Report any issues as usually via PR system. We will notify you if there 
are any changes to this."


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