root on zfs, mirrored /boot, encrypted swap, easy as pie.

George Hartzell hartzell at
Tue Jul 29 23:34:56 UTC 2008

I mentioned this set of tools in the recent ZFS-patches thread, but
I think that it's worth mentioning in a stand alone thread for folks
who are interested in playing with a root on zfs configuration.

I stumbled across this via google and found it to be *very* useful.  I
don't know the author.....

He has a script that builds a bootable usb drive given a release CD
and a script that automagically builds a fancy root on zfs
installation (mirrored, raidz, raidz2) that you can run from that
bootable usb drive.

It takes care of all of the niggly little details that have been
discussed here and on freebsd-fs, mirrors a boot partition and takes
care of nullfs mounting parts of it to /boot and /rescue.  It
automatically encrypts swap, sets up all kinds of zfs filesystems and

It includes some nice comments about the why it's doing what it's

You'll certainly want to read it and understand what it's up to.
You'll probably want to edit the list of filesystems it builds and/or
change various options.  You also may not want all of the fancy
features, but it's easy enough to edit the script.


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