needs a tester with an SMP 7.0 box

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Thu Jan 31 17:51:08 PST 2008

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Julian Elischer wrote:
> Xin LI wrote:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> [...]
>>>> it continuously forks children that exit.,
>>>> when it goes bad, then in top, you will see some of the children not
>>>> exiting and staying present for ages.
>>>> if aster 10 minutes you do not see any children hanging around the
>>>> problem is not occuring.
> So if it resolved the problem, I am expected to observe only 1 long-live
> parent running with some threads, and last pid continuously increases,
> but not two test programs?  I ran them in unprivileged user, is that Ok?
> The first run was put into background with a log file, and it seems that
> it exited while I am on my way to office from co-location center without
> dangling processes, I am now running it again.
>> yes.
>> It APPEARS that the original problem does not occur in 7.0
>> but only in 6.3
>> you are linked with libkse right?
>> It is possible that something else has been changed to cover the
>> problem window.

I'm not sure why, but a fresh RELENG_7_0 with your patch, plus DDB
enabled does not trigger the problem :-/

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