needs a tester with an SMP 7.0 box

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jan 31 16:51:32 PST 2008

Xin LI wrote:
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> Julian Elischer wrote:
> [...]
>> it continuously forks children that exit.,
>> when it goes bad, then in top, you will see some of the children not
>> exiting and staying present for ages.
>> if aster 10 minutes you do not see any children hanging around the
>> problem is not occuring.
> So if it resolved the problem, I am expected to observe only 1 long-live
> parent running with some threads, and last pid continuously increases,
> but not two test programs?  I ran them in unprivileged user, is that Ok?
> The first run was put into background with a log file, and it seems that
> it exited while I am on my way to office from co-location center without
> dangling processes, I am now running it again.

It APPEARS that the original problem does not occur in 7.0
but only in 6.3
you are linked with libkse right?

It is possible that something else has been changed to cover the
problem window.

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