needs a tester with an SMP 7.0 box

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jan 31 13:55:11 PST 2008

Claus Guttesen wrote:
>> if you have a 7.0 SMP (8 way if possible) box and can stand
>> a little  down time, I'm looking for someone to test the following:
> I can test it tomorrow (GMT +1). It's a 2 x quad-core.
>> This snippet may freeze the process after a while:
>> with the following patch applied:
>> it should not.
>> can someone with a 7.0 machine please confirm this?
>> (requires a recompile of libkse and linking with libkse.)
>> (you could call it something else for the test).
> I will just do a 'make world/kernel'.

the patch is only for libkse
so remaking a libkse and calling it libkse2 and linking with it should 
be enough to test it.
  reboot shouldn't be needed.

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