Turning COMPAT_43TTY into a binary-only compatibility

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Tue Jan 29 02:41:25 PST 2008

Ed Schouten wrote:
> Is there someone who wants to help me here?

I'm too busy to review or help what you'r up to, sorry, but if your 
changes are the way FreeBSD is going, I have hardware that uses these:
	/usr/ports/comms/gnokii	MAINTAINER=mad at madpilot.net
	/usr/ports/misc/estic	Port by me, MAINTAINER=dinoex at FreeBSD.org
	/usr/ports/sysutils/nut	MAINTAINER=Joerg.Pulz at frm2.tum.de
& if necessary ?  I'll be able to test diffs occasionaly when necessary.
(Hosts here run releasess & stable, but I could put up current when needed).

Loads of people presumably similarly rely on serial port coms to
various obscure Non PC hardware, Sometimes ports MAINTAINER= wont
have hardware to test with (eg in case of misc/estic I think).
Perhaps ports Makefiles might benefit from another variable with
email of hardware tester[s] ?  (thus cc'd suggestion to
portsmaster at freebsd.org)

Julian Stacey. Munich Computer Consultant, BSD Unix C Linux. http://berklix.com

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