SMP kernels /w POLLING enabled - combination garbles(syncer?)console line message(s) on reboot

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Sun Jan 27 16:35:48 PST 2008

On Jan 27, 2008 1:21 PM, Steven Hartland <killing at> wrote:

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> From: "Steven Hartland"
> > I'm just building a kernel with PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE=128 is this the
> recommended
> > value? I'll see if that fixes it but what I've seen is a mixture of what
> > looks like jumbled chars and total Greek i.e. none a-zA-Z0-9... chars.
> >
> > I'll look to get a screen shot of the console if I can reproduce
> reliably.
> Since adding this to the kernel I've not managed to reproduce the issue
> either
> with jumbled or greek characters so I can only assume this was the issue
> and the greek char was either random or console corruption on the kvm.
> Give this fixes the issue wouldnt it be a good idea to add this to the
> default
> kernel config, if nothing else but to prevent others getting confused /
> concerned
> but the output?

I`ve been able to reproduce the symptom with SMP kernelconfiguration

options        MPTABLE_FORCE_HTT     (enabled)

makes the Swedish Chef module (syncer) gone awry on reboot ie.:

Waituihas jsaf 32582795 erjwefjwhejhrh25 proooces stoop

#options        MPTABLE_FORCE_HTT  (disabled)

gives normal messages during the shutdown sequence

Waiting for {.......}  system process to stop
Waiting for {.......}  system process to stop
All buffs synced

enabling or disabling PREEMPTION / IPI_PREEMPTION  makes no difference.

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