XEN and ZFS Status?

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Thu Jan 24 03:01:30 PST 2008

Kip Macy wrote:

> amd64 soonish, dom0 only if sponsored to do so or if a substantial
> amount of free time opens up.

Then my pessimism is not ungrounded :)

Seriously, the only way I would use Xen (meaning me, for my projects -
other people are sure to have different priorities) is as dom0 for
hosting other OS-es (mainly Linux). In the other direction (FreeBSD as
guest of other systems) there are other free and good solutions like VMWare.

I'm all for sponsoring you or anyone else to develop the functionality,
but I probably can't even approach the amount such serious work would
require. I know FreeBSD Foundation has barred targeted donations so
would you (and the community of potential donators) be interested in
doing something like phk did a few years back, personally ask and set up
the infrastructure (paypal?) to receive a mass of small donations to
fund this work?

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