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On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 14:05:23 -0600, Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at>  

> Alexander Kabaev writes:
>  > Hope not. This kind of statistics should easily be done with DTrace.
> Indeed, see the thread at
> What is the status of Dtrace in FreeBSD?  I thought the original port
> was permantly stalled due to licensing conflicts over CDDL, and
> that John was starting from scratch. (hasn't been update since Nov 2007)

Honestly, I don't understand how CDDL can be conflict with BSD license  
since it's file based license rather than whole like GPL. Also, it doesn't  
force BSD license to be change to CDDL. Sun doesn't see any problem for  
FreeBSD to ship with it either. Feel free to explain more to me in private  
to avoid license war in this list.


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