Performance Tracker project update

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Tue Jan 22 20:47:40 PST 2008


I'd like to send a small update on my progress on the Performance 
Tracker project.

I now have a small setup of a server and a slave chugging along, 
currently collecting data. I'm following CURRENT and collecting results 
from super-smack and unixbench.

The project still needs some work, but there's a temporary web interface 
to the data here: Apart from the 
plotting it's possible to compare two dates and see the files that have 
changed. Error bars are 3*standard deviation, for the points with 
multiple measurements.

Of interest is e.g. super-smack (select-key, 1 client) right when the 
GENERIC kernel was moved from the 4BSD to ULE scheduler on Oct. 19. 
Unixbench (arithmetic test, float) also has a significant jump on Oct. 3.

There setup of the slave is documented roughly on the page but I'll be 
writing a full report and documentation over the next month.

Comments are very welcome but please followup on performance at .


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