bsnmpd daemon eating all cpu

Bartosz Giza gizmen at
Tue Jan 22 10:34:23 PST 2008

Tuesday 22 of January 2008 17:25:15 Harti Brandt napisał(a):
> Hi,
> On Tue, 22 Jan 2008, Bartosz Giza wrote:
> BG>I am using dell poweredge sc440 router with one xeon dual core cpu.
> BG>This is basicly only router for dummynet firewall dhcpd and named.
> BG>I want to run bsnmpd daemon but when i start it it starts eating all cpu
> from BG>one core.
> BG>I have run truss to check what it is doing and i have got huge amount of
> such BG>syscalls
> BG>gettimeofday({1201008182.366354},0x0)            = 0 (0x0)
> BG>
> BG>I want to use this daemon because it is in base system but if i could
> not run BG>this daemon in normal way i will be forced to use net-snmpd
> port. BG>I have basic config with hotres module added.
> BG>I am running freebsd 7.0-prerelease.
> BG>Alsa what is strange i have exactly the same machine with freebsd
> BG>7.0-prerelase but with only one network card for testing and bsnmpd
> behaves BG>normal.
> BG>Could some one help me with this. I can send dump from truss or even do
> some BG>more testing.
> Could you please disable all modules? Just comment out all lines starting
> from the Load MIB-2 module line. What does it do then?

When i turn off all modules bsnmpd uses 0% of cpu. When i have added this module it started again to use 100% of one core.
On other UP kernels with 7-PRE bsnmpd behaves good. And also when i was trying 
to find what is going on i found that it happens when there is quite bit of 
traffic on interfaces.
For test purposes i have downed lan interface and bsnmpd stopped to use 100% 
of cpu. And when i have brought up lan interface bsnmpd started again to use 
100% od cpu. So it is related to IP traffic.
Right now i am using net-snmpd daemon and it uses almoust nothing of cpu.

Bartosz Giza

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