exmap port - shared memory profiler

Bruce M Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Mon Jan 21 20:50:01 PST 2008

pluknet wrote:
> I've slightly cleared exmap port to more working state. Now it
> compiles (with also patched sysutils/pmap) and all binaries from this
> port works (including gtk tool) on 7.0 (still not tested on 6.x and
> HEAD).

Thanks for the help!

I almost have it running on 6.3-RELEASE with these changes. I haven't 
tested with -CURRENT. Now it crashes due to finding some kind of 
inconsistency in the page map it has learned. Compiling with -O0 and 
then examining the core file suggests it's creating the FbsdSysInfo 
instance again.

Exmap is still tied to being able to reach into Linux and grab physical 
page maps.

I think the best way forward may be to adapt the pmap_helper.ko module 
and extend it to return the result of its call to pmap_extract(), rather 
than faking 'page cookies' as I have currently patched Exmap to do.

There's no way for it to learn precisely which pages are mapped and 
resident for the same reason, and it really should.

I have to crack on with other work, I may get around to this later on.

thanks again

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