Can't delete any files on my filled up ZFS pool

Bill lists+freebsd-current at
Mon Jan 21 15:49:21 PST 2008

Does the delete work now?

In your original post, tank was:

tank   109G      0  4.11G  /tank

and now:

tank         104G  5.70G  4.11G  /tank

Is it possible a process was writing to /wav, filled the disk, you tried 
your 'rm /tank/input.wav' and then the original process writing to /wav 
unlinked the file that didn't fit, thus freeing 5.7G?

/tank and /wav share the available free space on tank.  If that ends up 
being the problem, you can set the reservation option on tank to prevent 
it from happening again.  If it's not that I'm not sure what it could 
be, I'm just trying to point out 'quirky' behavior from ZFS that's 
different from UFS and the like, do to its pooling nature.


Thomas Vogt wrote:
> Hello
> Bill wrote:
>> Do you have snapshots on the pool?  What is the output from 'zfs list'?
>> It's possible when you have a snapshot on tank that the delete causes 
>> a copy-on-write for the snapshot that then doesn't have enough space.
> I don't use snapshots.
> zfs list
> tank         104G  5.70G  4.11G  /tank
> tank/wav    99.5G  5.70G  99.5G  /wav
> Cheers,
> Thomas
>> Thomas Vogt wrote:
>>> Hello Julian
>>> Julian H. Stacey wrote:
>>>> Thomas Vogt wrote:
>>>>> Hello
>>>>> I need help. My ZFS sytem is filled up. I can't delete any files.
>>>>> root at bert:/tank# rm input.wav
>>>>> rm: input.wav: No space left on device
>>>> I know nothing about ZFS :-)  (Well nearly, just reading the ZFS pain
>>>> on @freebsd lists is enough to scare me off for now ;-) ) But if I
>>>> was stuck on this, with no ZFS experts to quickly ask, I'd guess & 
>>>> try:
>>>>     It needs more space for another Inode, or extended directory
>>>>     entry, cos its maybe going to create another inode in a
>>>>     backup/ deleted entity first, so either:
>>>>     A)
>>>>     Maybe su ; rm input.wav    # if the concept of extra space 
>>>> still exists
>>>>                 # per "tunefs -m" for root as per UFS etc.
>>> I filled it as root. So it does not work
>>>>     Or B)
>>>>     Perhaps more likely:
>>>>         truncate existing inode to create some space
>>>>         before deleting it:
>>>>             cat /dev/null > input.wav ; rm input.wav
>>> Nice. B) works fine. Thank you.
>>>>     Presumably if you filled it as root, B might still empty it.
>>>> There will doubtless be better ZFS answers, but could be interesting
>>>> to hear if either of above could work.
>>> I hope there will be a "ZFS" answer :)
>>> Regards,
>>> Thomas
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